Working Group

The EMN ITALY Working Group, also defined as “the Board”, includes 17 members. These members represent the different hematology sites in Italy that are involved in hematologic clinical trials. The Working Group collaborated with McCann, an agency specialized in health communication, and they manage educational events, major meetings and projects of the group. The Working Group represents different geographic realities of Italy, namely the districts. The production of PDTA (regional documents), the creation/coordination of regional and inter-regional networks, the preparation of ancillary protocols, and the coordination with the scientific commissions are among the major tasks of the districts.

Within the Working Group, the Executive Committee is also elected. This committee will help speed up all procedures and practival questions regarding the projects of the group, and acts on behalf of the Working Group itself. 
Here are the roles defined in this Executive Committee: President (Mario Boccadoro), Vice-President (Michele Cavo), Secretary (Maria Teresa Petrucci).

North-West District

Mario Boccadoro – Torino (Working Group Chairman)
Sara Bringhen – Torino
Mariella Grasso – Cuneo

Lombardia District

Vittorio Montefusco – Milano
Alessandro Corso – Pavia

North-East District

Francesca Patriarca – Udine
Renato Zambello – Padova

Emilia Romagna District

Michele Cavo – Bologna (Vice-chairman)
Elena Zamagni – Bologna
Patrizia Tosi – Rimini
Nicola Giuliani – Parma

Lazio District

Maria Teresa Petrucci – Roma

Center District (Toscana, Umbria, Marche, Abruzzo regions)

Massimo Offidani – Ancona

South and Islands District

Francesco Di Raimondo - Catania
Nicola Cascavilla – San Giovanni Rotondo
Donato Mannina - Messina
Pellegrino Musto – Bari


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