The Board of Directors of EMN Research Italy is composed of:

Andrea Novali – Chief Executive Officer

Vladimiro Foglia – Member

Roberto Pizziconi – Member

Chiara Pautasso – Member

Carla Garbero – Member

The Data Protection Officer (D.P.O.) has been recently introduced by the European regulation. The D.P.O. has an independent and autonomous role and gurantees that all basic requirements in terms of privacy are respected. This role is covered by the lawyer Michela Boero - Turin, Italy.

The Supervisory Body ensures that the Law, Bylaw, and good management principles are respected. This body also verifies that the organization is adequate and that the accountability and management are appropriately performed. They make sure that the social purposes of the company are met, and that the balance is prepared according to existing guidelines. This role is covered by Dr. Giovanni Badellino - Turin, Italy.


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