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GCP Course (Rome)

Conduction of clinical trials for multiple myeloma patients according to GCP - Rome, October 11/12, 2018.

The second meeting on the conduction of clinical trials for multiple myeloma patients according to GCP took place on October 11/12, 2018. EMN Research Italy S.R.L. I.S. is pleased that the event was well attended by physicians, investigators, nurses, data managers, monitors, CROs and other professionals from throughout Italy. Participants gathered in Rome in order to discuss how to improve the efficacy of Italian clinical experimentation in the complex context of international competition for the development of innovative clinical trials. Experts in the field of experimental hematology shared knowledge and expertise about trial management in compliance with GCP regulations.

Hopefully, the EMN Research Italy meetings in Milan and Rome are two bold steps paving the way for the consolidation of a professional community in the motivating framework of experimental hematology.

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